The application of high-purity halal gelatin

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1. In candy production, gelatin is used to produce gummies such as milk sugar, protein sugar, cotton candy, fruit juice gummies, crystal flower gummies, and gummies.

2. In frozen food, gelatin can be used as a gelling agent. Gelatin jelly has a lower melting point, is easily soluble in hot water, and has the characteristic of melting at the entrance. It is commonly used to make food jelly, grain jelly, etc. Gelatin can also be used to make jelly.

3. Gelatin is added as a gelling agent to meat products, used in the production of fragrant wild pork, meat jelly, canned ham, noodles, veal, ham pies, canned products, etc., which improves the yield and quality of the products. Gelatin can also act as an emulsifier in some meat products.

4. Gelatin can be used as a clarifying agent in the production of products such as beer, fruit wine, dew wine, fruit juice, yellow wine, and almond kernel milk beverage.

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