What is Gelatin?

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Food grade gelatin is extracted from animal hide/bone,it is widely used in food industry, such as candy,dessert, ice cream,jelly,yogurt production,juice,ham and soy source etc. Pharmaceutical gelatin is widely used for soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet sugar-coat etc.

Gelatin is extracted from bovine hides/bones or fish scales/skins and is a high molecular weight protein composed of 18 amino acids.Gelatin can absorb 5-10 times of water and if heated, it enters a sol state. After cooling, it enters a gel state. Because of its special properties, Gelatin is used in confectionery industries.Gelatin is an ideal ingredient for Gummies.The gelling and texurizing functionalities make it a perfect solution for gummy candies.

Functional Activity of Gelatin Powder:

Reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids

The function of gelatin as agitator and foaming agent A whipping agent widely use edible gelatin in the actual production of marshmallows. It is more convenient and simple to use alone than egg white and milk protein, so it is often used in production.

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